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Torch Office Systems
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by M. Saleem Ahmed – Entrepreneur on Torch Office Systems
Space Planning

We were looking to customize our office space for the new marketing section in our building. We chose Torch to get the job done and this decision proved a smart move. They not only helped us in the furniture selection but provided us with a whole new interior plan that goes with our company culture. They provided us more space, a clear view of all sections from the entrance and gave a whole new look to the place. We highly recommend Torch for workplace customization.

by Ahsan Ch. – Lawyer High Court (Lahore) on Torch Office Systems
Executive Desks

My profession demands thorough study for different cases that I undertake and this calls for more space to make research books readily available as long as I stay in the office. I contacted Torch, communicated my specific needs for an executive desk and they had a perfect option that goes with my study needs. I chose the Classic 02 executive desk from their collection which provides extra legroom and offers ease of reading anything in a comfortable manner while I’m immersed in the research.

by Waqas Butt – Product Manager on Torch Office Systems
Executive Desks

My role demands me to discuss a variety of things with my superiors and subordinates. So, I need a personalized space with an ideal executive desk offering multiple seating for the visitors. My decision to visit Torch proved a wise move as I got to discover their Classic 01 executive desk. It’s two visitors’ seat across the table provide ample space to sit comfortably along with the wider area to contain the files. Plus, the side desk offers an easy approach for me to keep important files closer to me while I work in the office.

by Khurram Shehzad – Web Developer on Torch Office Systems
Staff Chairs

Our work of line demands continuous sitting on the desk to sit and code until the project is completed. We were in search of staff chairs that are ergonomically designed and support us in bearing with the work for 10 to 12 hours each day. We, luckily, found Torch that offers modern office furniture that is durable, feasible, and fashionable. After going through their staff chair catalog, we instantly found their A-112 staff chairs a perfect choice for our workstations. We recommend Torch for staff chairs!

by Behroz Sheikh – Accountant on Torch Office Systems
Straight Series - Work Stations

We deal with both hard copies and softcopies in routine and we were in search of a workstation that compensates our work patterns. We needed more storage near to the computers to access important files and put them back without sitting up from the seat. A friend suggested Torch and we found a perfect solution in the shape of their Ergonomic Workstation. The top shelves work magically for our team and we found exactly what we were looking for.

by Khalil Ahmed – Engineer on Torch Office Systems
Straight Series - Work Stations

I was looking for a workstation that offers a wider desk space to contain larger charts and blueprints. Since our work involves planning and discussion, I decided to go with Torch’s Guru Straight Line series. With this selection, we can easily contact other team members, show them the sketches and brainstorm without leaving our workstations. Plus, modern shelf designs offer easy access to reach important documents. We’re very satisfied with Torch’s workstation collection and recommend them for all sorts of office furniture needs.

by Azra Ehsan – Professor on Torch Office Systems

I have a weakness for books and this weakness never lets me get rid of books that I’ve read. When my book collection grew bigger, I felt a need to protect my literary friends with a modern and spacious cabinet. Luckily, I found a solution for books in the shape of Torch’s bookrack cum cabinet. This choice allowed me to bestow a protective layer to my friends, my books and I can’t be happier than now with Torch’s CB-01 Full High Cabinet.

by Saleem Dar – Businessman on Torch Office Systems
Study Table

My daughter is in 2nd year of BDS and she spends most of her time studying in her small library. When she expressed her wish to have a new, spacious study table, I thought of having a carpenter design a custom one. She showed me Torch’s furniture portal and we both agreed on buying the ST-003 Study Table that goes with her room’s interiors and the study needs. I’m very happy that she got an ideal study table for her room.

by Mirza Farooq Baig – CFO on Torch Office Systems
Meeting Tables

We spend a considerable amount of time in meeting rooms than in cubicles. When our admin expressed the need for remodeling the meeting room for more people to sit comfortably, I suggested him to visit Torch’s portal. We selected the large, rectangular table that fits perfectly in our meeting room and allows up to 15 people to attend the meeting and share their views on the agenda. I express my satisfaction with Torch’s meeting tables’ collection and recommend them for workspace furniture.

by Mehreen Abbas – Graphic Designer on Torch Office Systems
Huddle Room

I run a small designing agency in Lahore with a staff of 6. Most of our time is spent on ideation and brainstorming which requires a personalized approach to sit comfortably and think of different ideas together. An old client recommended us to visit Torch for which we can’t thank her enough. I found an ideal choice in the shape of Torch’s huddle room catalog and made an instant selection for our small office. We highly recommend Torch for modern and feasible office furniture.