Straight Series

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Torch office system established name in industry as manufacturer and supplier of Straight Series Work Stations offering wide range of products. Our showrooms are located in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. We also offer a wide range of Work Stations Accessories products including Plus Series Work Stations, Straight Series Work Stations, Cubical Series Work Stations, Y Series Work Stations and Work Stations Accessories.


Straight Line Workstation

Rs. 32,000/- Per Seat Rs. 35,205

Ergonomic Workstation

Rs. 28,000/- Per Seat

Guru Straight Line Series

Rs. 22,500/- Per Seat

Straight Workstation

Rs. 30,000/- Per Seat

Mobi Straight Workstation

Rs. 22,000/- Per Seat

SW-P015(03) Workstation

Rs. 28,000/- Per Seat

Infix-1600 Workstation

Rs. 21,500/- Per Seat

SWS-015-1 Workstation

Rs. 28,000/- Per Seat