Manager Chairs

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Torch office system established name in industry as manufacturer and supplier of Manager Chairs offering wide range of products. Our showrooms are located in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. We also offer a wide range of Office Chairs products including Executive Chairs, Manager Chairs, Staff Chairs, Visitors Chairs, Study Chairs and Office Chairs Accessories.


RK-120 Manager Chair

Rs. 16,500 Rs. 19,500

ME-110 Chair

Rs. 26,500 Rs. 29,150

CM-43BS Chair

Rs. 19,500

AMG-120 Chair

Rs. 22,000

CM-F80BS Chair

Rs. 19,500

ME-120 Chair

Rs. 22,000

RK-110 Manager Chair

Rs. 19,000 Rs. 22,000

TM-120 Chair

Rs. 28,000

CM-F80AS Chair

Rs. 22,500

AMG-110 Executive Chair

Rs. 26,500 Rs. 29,500

CM-F94BS Chair

Rs. 29,500