• Dec 27, 2020
  • By torchofficepk Admin

As a matter of fact and according to a survey carried out by the health professional, most office workers and people who even work from especially sitting a same position get problems with their posture which ends up suffering stiff neck, back pain, shoulder stress pain and similar health issues.

That said; quality and comfort of your office furniture really affects your health and productivity. With so many options out in the different furniture stores, it’s not an easy decision picking the right one. You may feel comfortable for a while on a new seat but sometimes the effects start showing up after your regular use of couple of hours. This means, you need a chair, table or even sofas that can provide long lasting comfort and ease to your posture

When it comes to your regular office routine, it normally involves spending a great deal of time sitting and working on your systems. Position that adds stress to the structures of your back including spine and shoulders is a threat to your health. Therefore, it is very important to have office furniture like chairs, tables those are ergonomic and designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment and provide good support to your posture.

How to Choose Ergonomic Office Chair?

There are many types of ergonomic chairs available which you can use in your office. Although not all those can be necessarily the best as its comfort depend on your weight, height and most importantly your workstation height in case of adjustable options are not available. Here are some features you should always look when selecting a best chair for you

  • Seat Height & Adjustable Features
  • Width and Depth of the Chair Structure
  • Back & Arm Rest
  • Seat Material
  • Durability

There are at least half a dozen professions including architect, industrial designer, ergonomist and physical therapist who have designed different set of chairs inventing the comfort a user or an office worker wish for. No matter how inventive the design can be, still no design is healthier unless you feel the comfort of it in a long term use. That is why the experience of a chair is called “the ride” by many designers.

Making the furniture stylish yet comfortable become a competition and that quest continues, but realistically for most office workers, a chair should support for the constant alternation of upright sitting, leaning back and forward and yes, occasional slumping that is a part of a normal beat of the work.

Furniture especially chair which are based on mostly new technologies are becoming lighter, adjustable and more efficient. As compares to the modernization, mechanical chairs are considered much uncomfortable. Durable and environmentally friendly construction always pays for itself. If you really want to see how a new chair can be a good fit in your working environment, do not just sit up straight and try the reclining positions. Some of the most advanced chairs are made by both smaller and large companies which will also impact on the pricing. Among the other big companies in Pakistan, Torch is a leading provider of Ergonomic chairs and office furniture.