About Us

Torch office systems, after its marvelous success in the field of office furniture and winning the trust and confidence of its customers in the corporate world, introduced Spirit Office Furniture for the very first time in Pakistan in 2009.

We are the market leaders in office furniture due to our high-quality products and diverse range. This success is attributed to the state-of-the-art machinery and the skill, motivation and dedication of the TORCH workforce. We are furnishing the needs of everyone from low-level management to high-level management. Our clientele includes illustrious names such as Allied Bank, Barclays Bank, Marriott Hotel, Avari Hotel, Park Lane Towers, Haidri Villas, Ufone, Zong, Civil Aviation Authority, Bahria Town and much more.

TORCH is serving the education system of Pakistan by providing the exciting range of education furniture. We have furniture for classrooms, Laboratories, Offices, Libraries, Hostels and many other places. We have also furnished some of the renowned educational institutions like LUMS, the Staff College, LSE, CBM, Karachi University, F.C College, and GIFT University.

Besides, the local sale of our products through our tastefully displayed showrooms at Lahore and Islamabad, we also export some of our products to UK, Norway, Spain, Africa, Middle East and India. Furthermore, we have executed woodwork, interior designs and refurbishment, furnishing projects for many prestigious local and multi-national organizations such as Parliament Building of Maldives, Lahore Airport and Karachi Airport.

The Why Behind Torch Office System

Torch and its clients face similar challenges; innovating new kinds of corporate and organizational strategies while accommodating fundamental changes in the nature of work. Meeting these challenges requires organizations to engage and energize the best and brightest people. In the built environment, it requires workplaces that foster collaboration and creativity, enabling individual and team initiative, and adapting in real time to what people need to get their jobs done.
Torch Office System allows us to provide this kind of environment for our members and demonstrate how we can work with our clients to help strengthen their overall business performance.

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